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Believe it or not — we all need to heal from trauma. No one has a perfect life and everyone is fighting a battle of some sort whether they know it or not. This can be from childhood trauma all the way to relationship trauma.

I learned throughout my mental health journey that my childhood had a massive effect on my mental wellbeing today. I was mentally and emotionally abused throughout my whole childhood in school and at home. The constant abuse destroyed my self-esteem and self-worth. …

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Working from home for my job was always up for debate in my head. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to bring work home. Because of Covid, I have no choice but to work from home. At first, I thought it was amazing. I loved the idea of saving money on gas, working in my PJs, waking up 20 minutes before I had to clock in, and not having to pack a lunch for work. I have to admit that it was amazing at first, but now the feeling of isolation is setting in. …

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Traveling is one of the most desirable things to experience. Humans are meant to explore and now that we have social media and other forms of media to show us what is out there, most of us crave to experience it. I am one of those people.

In order to get to further places from home, it requires taking a plane. I am okay with any form of transportation except a plane. I have a fear of flying when I really have no reason to. Anxiety is mysterious, but taking the initiative to understand it and how to cope with…

I grew up with a mother who would yell at me excessively because that is what her mother did to her growing up.

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Back in the day, yelling at children was considered a popular parenting style, but little do they know that if it is excessive it can really hurt the child’s brain development. I am not saying to “never” yell at your child because I know sometimes they deserve it if they misbehave; however, I believe that yelling should be the last resort.

I grew up with a mother who would yell at me excessively because that is what her mother did to her growing up. Because of this, I have developed severe anxiety in my adulthood. I always fear that someone…

When I felt like there was doubt in the relationship, I cut the strings right away.

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One of the biggest challenges of living with bipolar disorder is keeping a stable relationship. Battling low self-esteem is the biggest reason why I’ve struggled.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, research has shown that self-esteem influences your relationship satisfaction as well as your partner’s. Self-defeating thoughts and insecurities can affect the way you act in your relationship, and low self-esteem can distort your perception of your significant other.

I am 25 right now, not married, in a relationship, and hoping this is the one. …

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We all have a dream — my dream was to become a full-time YouTuber. I mean — who wouldn’t want to be one? You get to make fun and creative videos on your own time while making passive income. You are your own boss and that is something that a lot of us aspire to be these days. These YouTubers made it look super easy making comedy sketches and blowing up on the internet. Is overnight success really a thing? I would say yes in very rare cases, but that is the .00001%. I just made up that number, but…

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As a society, we have come a long way in bringing awareness to mental health and fighting the stigma. Unfortunately, there is still a heavy percentage of stubborn people who still believe that mental illness isn’t a thing. We can only do so much by spreading awareness and educating our peers; however, we can’t force someone to change their mind. I don’t care what the stubborn person says — everyone has experienced some type of mental health struggle during their lifetime. Our brains aren’t perfect.

Fortunately, we have more people now than ever that are allowing conversations about mental health…

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Depression represents itself in multiple different ways such as experiencing negative thoughts, hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, loss of appetite, irritability, messy room, and the lack of ability to leave the bed.

If you struggle with depression, you understand how getting out of bed may seem impossible sometimes. Because of this, we skip out on going to work, hanging with friends, eating, cleaning, you name it — it’s challenging. The only time I would leave my bed is if I needed to use the bathroom or to throw some type of food down my throat to stop the hunger. Unfortunately, I…

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During my childhood and adolescent life, I was hated by my peers. I experienced my fair share of bullying when I was as young as 6 years old. I was always considered an easy target especially since I was considered the new kid three times from moving schools. The kids at school would always refer to me as a stupid, ugly, annoying, and weird kid. I was the kid who was the last person chosen to be on a team in gym class and the one who everyone excluded.

While growing up, my sister also had it out for me…

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No one wants to experience trauma. But sometimes, it can be considered a gift.

It just depends on how you choose to look at it.

You can use your trauma as an excuse to self-sabotage yourself by drinking or doing drugs or you can choose to help you grow as a person.

Sometimes, it may be unclear on what is considered trauma.

When we think of trauma we think of car accidents, domestic violence, and other forms of tragic abuse.

Little do we know that trauma is not considered only as just an “event” that took place, but it can…

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